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dinsdag, 01 december 2015 09:36

Using VLOGs in P.E.


Vlogs give educational subjects a face and voice!


What is a VLOG ? A Vlog is a video blog. Vlog entries are primarily posted as videos but they can also include text, images, links, audio, etc.

Like blogs, vlogs can be personal or professional in nature, they are updated on a regular basis and viewers may be able to subscribe to and comment on the entries (if this functionality is made available).


PE and Sport VLOGs from Dr Vicky Goodyear - Lecturer in Pedagogy at University of Birmingham


VLOG 2: Challenging tradition: making running fun and educational

VLOG 3: What would your students VLOG about?

VLOG 4: Cooperative Learning in PE

VLOG 5: Going online for professional learning

VLOG 6: The Transmission of new practices

VLOG 7: More than the distance: STAD in Athletics

VLOG 8: Assessing toward the physically active life

VLOG 9: Technology: some key considerations

VLOG 10: Student Designed Games

VLOG 11: A models-based approach

VLOG 12: Cooperative Learning & TGfU: Run the Gauntlet

VLOG 13: TGfU: Moving Beyond Warm Up, Skill, Game

VLOG 14: Sport & Sport Education

VLOG 15: Back to School: Helping Students in the Transition

VLOG 16: Sport Education: Planning a Unit

VLOG 17: Should we have a model for Health-Based PE?

VLOG 18: Health-Based PE in Practice


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VLOGs in PE: sharing practice, research, and interests in Physical Education and Sport to promote discussion and influence practice.

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